Amazon Launched Some Cool Gadgets in the Market

3 months ago
Amazon Launched Some Cool Gadgets in the Market -

During the surprise event held at its headquarters at Seattle, USA, Amazon introduced some cool new gadgets on the market. Some devices are – Alexa equipped microwave oven, a 4K fire television, and upgraded versions of Echo smart assistant. Here are the details of some of the ‘Echo’ devices introduced by Amazon.

1.The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) :

The 3rd generation of Amazon’s most affordable voice-controlled speaker is coming with further improvements this time. The device gained popularity around the world due to its cheap price tag and ease of use.

How it works?

Plug in and connect to a power source – Connect to Wi-Fi and register using the Alexa app – just ask for play music, read the news, etc.. There you go it’s that simple.

Main Features :

With it’s 4 far-field microphones, the newest Echo dot are designed to tackle the problems that a lot of people are facing. Amazon claims that even in noisy environments echo dot would hear you from across the room. Users can also connect this device to any other speakers using Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable.

Price & Availability :

Price: $49.99  |  Availability: Pre-order opened and expected to start,

the shipping by October 11th.

2.The Echo Plus (2nd Gen) :

This is the premium one among the devices. Since the set up is same let’s straight get into its features. The Echo Plus featured by having an array of seven microphones that use beam-forming technology. Amazon echo plus is much more advanced and enriches the audio experience of users.

With more details and sound clarity, the echo plus provides users a treat for ears even in noisy environments with further features including noise cancellation. The all-new echo plus also has got an integrated temperature sensor and comes with a cloth covering this time.

Price & Availability :

Price: $149.99  |  Availability: Pre-order opens now,

the shipping by October 11th.

3.Echo Sub :

An additional echo sub would cost you $ 129.99 and by pairing it with echo dot or echo plus, users can tackle the problem of lacking bass.

4.The Echo Auto :

Recently Google had partnered with RNMA to bring Android to cars. The Amazon Eco Auto functions similar to that. The e-commerce giants had recently made a deal with luxury car makers Audi. Amazon too is trying to expand their business to automotive industry and echo auto is just another step towards that.


This time Amazon is once again at it by making ‘Alexa’ accessible during driving so you could benefit from its smart features. For Eg: you could set GPS navigation on by Simple words commands and also turn on music or access news by just commanding to ‘Alexa’.

Price & Availability :

Available on an invite basis for $24.99 in the beginning, then expanding to all customers and jumping in price to $ 49.99.

5.Echo Show (2nd Gen) :

The best in class Alexa device when it comes to grasping your sound since it uses 8 microphone arrays. Similar to the echo plus the 10-inch smart display which comes with ‘Alexa’ equipped can act as the hub to a smartphone. In addition to the existing “drop-in” video chat capabilities, the new echo show would also support a specialized Skype app in the future.

Price & Availability :

Price: $229.99  |  Availability: Pre-order is open now,

will be shipped by October 11th.

6.Amazon Basics Microwave Oven:

The most interesting device to ever occupy the ‘Alexa’. Amazon is going to launch a ‘smart’ microwave oven under its Amazon basics product range. This is the first time Amazon is launching a kitchen appliance product.

The Amazon echo microwave oven will contain an Alexa connect kit, which includes a WiFi and a Bluetooth LE module that connects it to Amazon’s cloud services. The device will come with an ‘Alexa’ button and built-in voice-activated presets to make the user experience more convenient. So, you can command the mode and set the time by just speaking to Alexa after turning on the inbuilt Alexa button. “Alexa, bring out the 🍞 toast” no that won’t work as of now, just kidding 😂.

Price & Availability :

Price: $59.99  |  Availability: Pre-order is open now,

will be shipped by November.

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