Are You Searching for a Time Killer? Come Let’s Play Ball Blast

3 months ago
Ball Blast Game

Ball blast is the new nonstop arcade game offered by VOODOO. The game is released on 13th September 2018 with a download size of 44 MB. VOODOO is also popular for its arcade gaming experience and the BALL BLAST promises how well it stands to its casual game approach


The challenge is shooting the balls and upgrade the cannon. Swiping left and right is the way to shoot the ball. The ball has some numbers, and we just shoot and decrease the numbers to zero. Sometimes the ball will divide into two and two into four. At the time of zero, the ball will blast and you can earn more coins.

You can upgrade fire speed per second. And also upgrade firepower, coins, and offline earning. Firepower will increase the firing action. After the upgrade of coins, you can collect more coins from the blast. Final update of offline earning
is giving you more coins when you are offline of the game. The offline time is directly proportional to your earning.


We know this is a simple time killing game so there is no much role for graphics however the game has some excellent themes. These skins are giving us a colourful and freshness outlook. During the gameplay, we can unlock more skins by the level pass. The default skin is based on mountain and nature. The making of the cannon is very colourful, you can enjoy it with the purchase of cannons.

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There are some games looks similar to Ball blast but VOODOO offering better functionality and performance. The game has no sound effects, vibrations only. And they show too many ads at regular intervals. You can double the coin earnings when you watch each ad but sometimes the ads are very annoying. However, the game is very addictive and best time killer.


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