Asphalt 9: The Game is Assuring to Become a Racing Legend

3 months ago
Asphalt 9 Review Techsbee

After the long wait of 5 years, game loft did it again with another super ultimate arcade racing game. Gameloft published the new 9th series of Asphalt also released on 25 the July 2018 which developed by Gameloft Paris. Nowadays asphalt 9 is the top first grossing game on google play. The game is available for Android, Windows 10, and iOS devices and then it has a 1.5 GB of download size. The game also has five million downloads in google play with the rating of 4.6 stars.


There is high-quality graphics included in the game compared to the previous version. The journey passes on these places – San Fransisco, Himalayas, Scotland, Cairo, Shangai, Rome, US Midwest. We can enjoy the drams and building to building diving in the place of San Francisco.

Asphalt 9 Game6 Techsbee

Asphalt 9 Game7 Techsbee

The Cairo comes with pyramids, dusty roads and the overbridge of the city is thrilling by the time of drifting. Himalayas graphics is specialising with the huge mountains and snowy road. Scotland is giving the best offroad experience. The race through the railways in US Midwest, the Colosseum in Rome, the Chinese model building in Shangai is giving the real-life experience in the game.


Online multiplayer, career and my club are the 3 game modes of Asphalt 9. The Asphalt career mode is divided into five – Chapter 1 – Welcome to Asphalt, Chapter 2 – the path drive to win, Chapter 3 – the execution on the race, Chapter 4 – the ambition defy expectations, Chapter 5 – the final test legend is born are the five chapters included in the game.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is the starting card of the game and also you can upgrade the car for higher ranks. The blueprint is the main keystone for unlocking the cars and the total is 602.

There are 41 different supercars and 1405 flags to collect. Classification of classes of cars is the same as the for asphalt 8. By playing with my club mode you can collect more credits and tokens. Credits are also used for the upgrade of the car.


The team also added a new “Touch Drive” control option that lets you swipe the screen and controlling the nitro and drifting. During the touch drive control, you can focus on shifting lanes to hit specific jumps or nitro power-ups, drifting and pulling the ridiculous 360-degree spin. You don’t have to worry about hitting the gas or steering at all in this mode, and can focus on going fast, smashing your competition, and appreciating the gorgeous graphics!.

Asphalt 9 Game5 Techsbee

Asphalt 9 Game10 Techsbee

Touch drive is giving us a cinematic experience. There are other control options including screen control and tilt steering. Touch drive is the starting control option and you can change for your wish.


  • By the double tapping of the left of the screen, you can perform a 360-degree spin.
  • The right side of the screen is also using for nitro. Double tap the right side is giving you shock wave (powerful nitro).
  • You can perform the perfect nitro-one tap and wait for ones second and tap again.
  • Every 4 hours you will get free blueprints and winning the daily missions is giving you more blueprints.
  • You can buy more credits by the way of selling of tokens and watching ads.

The Asphalt 8 is a reality, when I play asphalt 8 I feel I felt like I am sitting in the car and driving but the asphalt 9 is just a game. And I found some mistakes during the play:

  • There is no option to restart the game during the race.
  • No driver in the seat.
  • 4G or 3G connection required to play the game.
  • Sometimes the race track is too small.
  • Some issues are facing in online multiplayer.

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The game has some small problems (above mentioned) and I am expecting that the Gameloft will correct it from their next update. However, the graphics work and a new approach to the game is simply awesome.


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