Flipkart Big Billion Days, The Evolution of the ‘Billion Dollar Idea’

2 months ago
Flipkart Big Billion Days, The Evolution of the 'B' Billion Dollar Idea - Techsbee.com

Flipkart big billion days, the evolution of the ‘Billion Dollar Idea’. Those golden days are once again back and with Flipkart’s billion days are just around the corner. Let’s check out how it all started and what difference it made to the e-commerce sector in India. The idea of Flipkart’s big billion days was originated in 2014, 7 years after the company started by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. The first ever big billion day sales ran through October 6, 2014, to 10th.

History of Big Billion Sale :

The sales went on to be a huge success, and the results were bigger than the entering shopping seasons of that year. The sales continued to be an annual celebration of the online shoppers throughout the succeeding years as well, in 2015. The big billion days were between October 13-17 2016’s big billion days started October 2nd and as always was another 5 days heaven for shoppers. Next year it was a bit earlier, ie 5 days succeeding 2017 September 20th. When it comes to this year, Flipkart has announced the big billions would begin October 10th, ie the next week.

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Throughout every season, they introduced some crazy deals such as ‘Bid and Win’ contest. That allowed the customers to bid on products and crack the jackpot and Rs 1 sale. Flipkart also usually offer instant discounts of the certain percentage while using specific debit/credit cards or sometimes additional discount for specific banks/payment apps (PhonePe, it’s sure since Flipkart acquired them too). This year would be hardly any different.

Since the strategy turned out to be a grand success, the season got just bigger and better as the time goes. Other e-commerce giants including Amazon (Great Indian Festive Sale) and Snapdeal also joined the league. The result was a win-win situation for both customers and the e-commerce giants. The sales were increased drastically during the time and customers too were getting the desired products at discounted prices.

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Due to the high demand, lots of products went on to be out of stock in a few hours or even in minutes. Thereby another class of people stated that flop mary was fooling their customers by not stocking enough units during the festive days and thus the big billion days was just marketing gimmick of Flipkart.

Verdict :

Some random customers defined the big billion days as the days where Flipkart planned to fool a country of a Billion People. Even though he was joking was the idea really a marketing gimmick that turned out to be a huge success or a genuine discounted sales for customers, the debate is still going on among internet users. With the shopper’s paradise is just around the corner. Let’s see what all offers Flipkart are making this year and how other e-commerce giants like Amazon and Snapdeal are gonna compete with.

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