Google Launches Chrome 66 With Auto-Play Video Blocking, Export Password Feature

7 months ago
Chrome 66

The web browser is one of the unavoidable software of our computer and mobile. We can spend more time on the browser for browsing, emailing, watching videos etc. Chrome is popular web browser software powered by Google. Now Chrome 66 is released by Google for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Now, this version is available for download and it contains a few exciting features.

The one of important feature is annoying videos won’t play automatically as soon as you load the page because Chrome 66 control the auto-playing content. Yah it true, if you update your Chrome software to latest version, then this feature you can enjoy.

There is annoyance still in Chrome 66, because which won’t automatically block auto-playing videos on all sites. Example of this situation is Chrome 66 should not auto-play the YouTube videos. The blocking of auto-playing clips feature should happen by default, it means you cant set any functions in app settings.

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There are some features in Chrome 64 is also in Chrome 66 like a site can be mute entirely. To see the improvement of the new version, Chrome 66 has Export Passwords feature. You can apply remember the password option to most used sites and thus passwords can be exported to a password manager app. This feature is available on computer as well as mobile. For this feature go to settings and pickup password menu in the advanced tab option.

Chrome 66 is available now, you can download it on your computer and mobile and enjoy new features.


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