Grammarly: This App Makes You Mistake Free Text

3 months ago


Grammarly is one of the best grammar correction keyboard app that helps your
writing is mistake free. The app is offered by Grammarly, Inc and they have 500
companies with offices in San Francisco, California, united states. The app has
already 1 million downloads in Google Play Store with the download size 88MB.

Grammarly Features

The app also provides other functions such as manage personal dictionary, double space period, auto capitalisation and auto-correction. ‘Manage personal dictionary’ is used for adding words to the dictionary, so you can easily manage your words into your own writings and also you can suggest your contact names. The keyboard has 2 themes dark and light (default theme).

The keyboard is correcting hundreds of grammar mistakes that include sophisticated grammar checking, contextual, spelling checking, advanced punctuation correcting and vocabulary enhancements. American English, British English, Canadian English, Australian English are the four types of English that are included in the Grammarly keyboard. You can change to one of this language preference which you need.

How to Use?

The app will show the errors during the typing of text in a white box. We can correct the text with a single touch. For example, if you are writing a blog that has a mistake that ‘he have a idea’ after it the keyboard will shaw two boxes ‘has’ and ‘an’. After the touching of this box, your writing will change to ‘he has an idea’ like the below image.

Grammarly App

I found some problems that there is no prediction in the app, the app always needs an internet connection to solve the error, always capitalising the word ‘I’ and one suggestion to add swipe feature.

However, the keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps and whether you are urgently sending an SMS, WhatsApp chat, email, facebook post, documents etc.. you can easily write your text with this keyboard.

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You know I am also using the Grammarly keyboard for writing this blog. I think the keyboard is very useful for the students to improve their language skill.

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