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Instagram will reportedly get a mute button and four new features

7 months ago
Instagram New Features
Instagram has one of the most popular social network portal and it announces that they planning to add some additional functional feature to its interface for competing with Snapchat. The tweets from Twitter user @wongmjane revealed some functional features of Instagram get soon. The features are discussed below.

1. Video Calling Feature

The Instagram might get new video calling feature, but not many details revealed and we can expect most probably app get this feature soon.

2. A ‘Mute Button’ to remove the unwanted profile.

A Mute button is getting soon on Instagram for mute posts from a certain profile in their feed without unfollowing the user. And this feature does not provide muting audio or video from in their feed and it only for posts.

3. New ‘Slow-Mo’ Recording feature for stories.

As per the tweet also, a new feature coming for Instagram stories, a Slow-Mo mode. This feature will help Instagram users to record slow motion videos and post them on their stories.

4. The new ‘Calendar View’ of Instagram Stories Archives.

Currently, Instagram images and videos archives are in the form of a list with tag and date, it’s slightly difficult to manage Instagram stories. In the new Calendar View help users to easily manage their Instagram stories according to date, month and year.

5. New Story ‘Reactions’ feature, similar to Facebook story reactions.

Instagram will get story reactions feature like facebook. As per this tweet when you click replay button on user’s story, will be available story reactions option for you. These tweet replies state that maybe this feature is available for part of South America selected users.

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