Samsung’s new HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset coming soon

3 months ago
Samsung Odyssey Headset
Image Source: Samsung

Samsung is preparing to launch a new updated version of the Oddessey headset. In October 2017 Samsung launched the original Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset. That was running Microsoft’s Mixed Reality software and uses inside-out positional tracking. And the headset allows users to lean into virtual reality experiences without the need for any external tracking hardware.

The updated version including dual 3.5-inch screens with a resolution of 1440*1600 pixels per eye. And these are same as the previous version. VMR camera, IPD sensor, G sensor, gyroscope, proximity are the sensors included in Oddessey. And also featured integrated AKG headphones and dual array mics with support for 360° Spatial Sound.

Important Features of the Headset

  • Screen Size: 3.5-inch
  • Resolution: 1440×1600 pixels
  • Sensors: VMR camera, IPD, G, Gyroscope, Proximity sensors.
  • Sound: Integrated AKG headphones, dual array mics and 360-degree spatial sound support.
  • Widest view

The refresh rate of up to 90Hz and included an up to 110-degree field of view for a better experience, this is the one of the widest available on the market. Wider eye box, wider part of the nose, anti-fog are the slight changes in the design department. With the help of Oddessey you can Talk to friends and move with freedom, surrounded by Vivid graphics and 360-degree spatial sound.

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The new update will more useful for the gamers and virtual reality lovers. The Odyssey retailed for $500 at launch but has since been lowered to $400. I think Samsung may not take more time to launch Oddessey. You can imagine the Thrill of virtual reality combined with a phenomenal sense of presence. With the Oddessey you can Escape to a world of immersive, thrilling experiances.

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