Still Blackberry 10 Stand Distinctive?

3 months ago
Blackberry 10
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Blackberry 10 is a unique platform based on Qnx which is written in C, C++ and QT. It was brilliantly getting into competition with an era where Android and iOs stand stronger back in 2013-14 in view of the fact that it’s so simpler in usage and more convenient to perform. Blackberry still handle these things and maintain its own unique Style.

Blackberry has some numbers in the list of best ever designed smartphones like ‘Blackberry passport’ & ‘Classic’ those are still elegant and stunning in their looks.

When it comes to the point of buying a Blackberry 10 device, we can undoubtedly say that it still worth to buy according to some factors. Almost, all the BlackBerry phones are business class and stand under flagship categories.  The following benefits we get when we go for buying.

1) The Price Cut

The best sake of buying these old business class phones in 2018, we get almost the price slash of about 65% down the rate as of the launched price.

2) Security

Blackberry 10 is highly secured and safe. Our personal information won’t get steamed. High end to end encryption. Data is encrypted and secured on the device, across their network and behind the corporate firewall and provide ‘blackberry guardian’ which check the application security and comparability each time when we try to install on it.

3) Software And Support

Blackberry 10 is fully dealing with full-screen gesture controls, we can’t find out any back button or home button, like these, all things brought in a finger swipe away. The latest iPhones and some more Android devices now come up with the similar gesture action that blackberry has. One year ago, Blackberry officially announced that they wouldn’t support blackberry 10 anymore after the span of 2 years in 2017. That’s the only disappointing thing Blackberry fans don’t want to hear from. In 2020 Blackberry 10 may no longer be available.

Moreover, it’s not only about getting blackberry built apps, but it does also support Android runtime up to 4.4.3 (Jellybean)

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Cons of Blackberry 10;

  • The Operating System of the device is out of date.
  • No further Blackberry 10 Software updations will get.

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