WhatsApp to Display Ads and Featuring WhatsApp Business

2 months ago
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Everyone wonders how WhatsApp make money without displaying any ads and app-purchase. Before WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $22 million, Whatsapp used to earn by charging 1-year subscription amount to its users. But after the acquisition made, it removed its subscription plan and it has been offering free service since 2014.

Being a popular free messenger, that doesn’t really look for a way to get paid so far except they brought another platform called WhatsApp business in which WhatsApp found a way to make revenue. We know that Facebook makes revenue by showing ad as per the user data and according to their interest. That is they show targeted ads on Facebook.

WhatsApp co-founder Brian action and  Jan koum don’t want to play with user data and personal details to make revenue according to their point of view, but Zuckerberg does things differently as Facebook face so many data breaches so far and continuing.

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Whatsapp and Facebook have a promise each other that Facebook wouldn’t use ads in WhatsApp for 5 years, so the 5 years span ends in 2019 and it had already been planned to bring the ad in WhatsApp to be displayed in status as a story available only for 24 hours. More details are coming in. They are trying to launch an ad on iOS variants in 2019 as per the reports.

WhatsApp to Display Ads and Featuring WhatsApp Business

Jan koum left Facebook recently because Facebook tries to spoil WhatsApp free service to rebuild it as a revenue platform. More than 1 billion active users spending time with WhatsApp at least in a day. So the revenue as per the activity increases as much as possible.

May the end to end encryption be unsecured because ads are based on user behaviour, if that how WhatsApp find user riding and activities where they only have a Mobile number with their hands. That’s why WhatsApp becomes an unsecured platform day today, it may exploit user data. And the ads will never display on chat screen or in other WhatsApp framework only show as a story appears for 24 hours.

WhatsApp business

WhatsApp business is a new tool by Whatsapp.inc where a business can directly contact its customers easily. We can also create a WhatsApp business profile with a different phone number and can add our business address, email, landline number, website and etc.

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WhatsApp found a way to earn via this new method, that is business can respond to customer queries for free and faster. But in a late condition where business reply after 24 hours WhatsApp charges over that particular business.

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