You May Get a Reward from Google Play

2 months ago
You May Get a Reward from Google Play -

Search giant Google is planning a reward programme for google play store version 11.6.15. This is designed to bring points that can be used to purchase some special in-app items or simply Google Play credit. Where users can redeem promo codes, as well as find “special deals and free items”.

The users to sign up to earn points by purchasing music, movies, TV shows, and books. We will earn points whenever we use the Play Store to purchase the aforementioned media items. The Japanese version shows that you earn 1 point for every 100( approx Rs65) yen you spend on the Play Store. There are five different levels which include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

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The users get more benefit with the partition of the levels. You can also see your Points history so you can plan how many more point you need to upgrade to the next level. There will also be a Rewards Section where you can redeem promo codes and get special deals and free items.

Apart from the presence of Play Points, Google Play version 11.5 also tips a feature that enables voting functionality. The strings now show how users will be able to vote for apps. This could be part of a broader curation effort where users help rank the top apps. Then they also preparing a new redesign for account page. It includes a carousel of tabs at the top of the screen instead of a menu list. The users can easily navigate between these sections.

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